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At Hear Clear NI we specialise in safe and efficient earwax removal. We use a microsuction method that is much cleaner and more importantly, safer than traditional syringing or cotton buds. 

We can offer earwax removal appointments quickly to avoid lengthy NHS waiting lists. We carry out all procedures at our Belfast & Bangor clinics 6 days a week including evenings to fit your schedule

Ear Wax Removal

What is Microsuction?


Microsuction is a routine ear wax removal procedure used to safely remove wax build up’s that can lead to hearing issues, blockages, pain or discomfort. At Hear Clear NI, all procedures are carried out by a fully trained staff to ensure the treatment will be safe and effective. Hear Clear NI staff are all specially trained in microsuction.

Safe & Efficent

Other methods of ear wax removal ‘Syringing’ flush out the ear and offer no visual to guide the procedure, ear wax removal via microsuction uses a microscope to give a clear image of where the wax needs to be removed from. A microscope or loupes offers the clinician a clear view of the ear canal which makes microsuction one of the safest methods of ear wax extraction.

Instant Results

Unlike softening drops and traditional syringing, microsuction results are instantaneous.  By removing ear wax build up, you will leave noticing the difference in your hearing right away. Treatments take only 30 minutes and can be easily scheduled into your day 

Below is a before and after image of an ear canal!

Ear Canal with wax removed

Clean & Painless

Unlike traditional methods, microsuction is considered a ‘dry’ procedure as it does not require any fluids, gels or drops. This makes the entire process cleaner, safer and more hygienic. Some patients may find the noise of the low-pressure suction starling to begin with, but this is the only element of the procedure that may seem mildly uncomfortable. All our audiologists are kind, caring and aim to make you as comforatable as possible.

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