Microsuction Ear Wax Removal in Londonderry:

At Hear Clear NI we offer an effective microsuction ear wax removal service. Microsuction is the safest and most effective way of removing excess ear wax, far safer than traditional syringing.

Microsuction carries none of the discomfort, mess and potential risk of infection associated with older methods and all procedures are carried out by our trained specialists.

Londonderry Ear Wax Removal Clinic:

Skip lengthy NHS queues and book your ear wax removal treatment in Londonderry at a time that suits you.


We offer a weekly appointment and are located at the Health Hubs Professional Clinic Derry

Getting To Us:

Find Hear Clear NI at the Health Hub Professionals clinic at Hyde Business Park, Pennyburn Industrial estate Derry, between Buncrana Road and Northland Road. We are around the corner from the Bowling alley opposite Crossfit Derry

Hear Clear NI in Londonderry


Hyde Business Park,

1 Pennyburn Industrial Estate,


BT48 0LU


Telephone: 0330 133 3291

Email: info@hearclearni.co.uk

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Hear Clear NI:

Years of experience and research have brought us the elite method of microsuction for ear wax removal. Ear syringing has now become outdated and far less safe than our microsuction service. Achieve instant results and feel the immediate effects of clearer hearing, pain relief and build-up removal. Experience improved hearing with our industry-leading, highly effective service. Our trained and experienced staff prioritise ease, comfort and results. 


Our Londonderry ear clinic offers appointments tailored around your schedule. Bookings for evenings and weekends are available.